Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheap, easy, healthy and tasty food!

Tuna balls with Quinoa quiche!

I had kind of decided to take a break from blogging, as I have been super busy lately and didn't really feel inspired to post anything. Until now!!! My mom had some recipe for healthy and easy food that I could eat. It sounds so weird but it was (meat balls) made of can tuna. Together with a quiche made with Quinoa as the buttom/dough. 
Here is the recipe for the Tuna balls: (Makes 12 medium balls I ate 3 balls for dinner).
- 3 cans of tuna in water. 
- 1 onion chopped.
- ½ chili chopped.
- 1 red pepper chopped. 
- basil (I used fresh but I am sure you can use dried basil). 
- 2 eggs.
- 3/4 dl. oatmeal. 
- salt/pepper. 

Mix it all with a fork and press them with your hands in to small balls. Pan them in a little bit of olive oil for about 2 min on each side. Or until golden.  
Normal cheap can Tuna
Fresh basil 

The Tuna balls are getting panned in olive oil

The finish result so good!!
 When my mom first told me about these Tuna balls I though it sounded disgusting but I am totally in love with them!! You seriously have to try them they are so easy and cheap to make. Great for lunch as well.

Recipe for the quinoa quiches: (makes enough quiches for 6 people).

- 2 cups of cooked quinoa. (This is the crust of the quiches.) 
- ½ a chopped chili.
- 4 tomatoes chopped.
- 1 onion chopped.
- a little bit of Feta cheese. (You really don't need this but it just makes it a bit better.)
- 1 cup grated cheese
- 3 eggs.
- fresh basil.
- salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Mix all the ingredients (except the quinoa and grated cheese) in a bowl.
This is the quiches topping. All mixed together. 
In a pie dish add the quinoa in. Press it a little bit and make sure it is even distributed. (This is really easy.)
It should look like this. 
Pure the toppings on top and add the grated cheese.
I know this doesn't look good but just wait!
Bake for around 20 min or until the cheese is melted. So good!
Look at this. Ready for dinner? 
You can serve it cold or hot. I ate it hot and loved it!! But it felt apart which it didn't do when it got cold. Use the topping you like there is nothing you can't put in it! Enjoy
Tomorrow is weight day and I am so excited. I am expecting a really big loss this week.


  1. That quiche look so good!! Thanks for the recipe. Might have to try it (if I can get hubby to eat it!!)

    1. Tell him from me that he just HAVE to try it.. I am sure I will be making so many quiches from now on =) It is so easy to make and great for a lunch with some salad :) I am already looking forward for my lunch today.. Haha Thanks for the coment!