Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am scared of gaining weight if I work out ?

First to this Sundays weight in

It has been a weird week. I have been eating the same way as last week but my body have been feeling bloated and my belly haven't been happy. After last weeks amazing weight loss was I excited about this week. The scale said 104.9kg which is a 100g lost which isn't good enough. On the other side I am just happy to still be under the 105kg! I will try to kick ass in until Thursday where I am leaving for a girl weekend in London. It is just a short vacation Thursday night to Sunday night. I will do my best to eat healthy in London BUT we have ordered a Afternoon tea at one of the best hotel in London. It is really expensive and I WILL be trying there cake and sandwiches. 
I know it will affect my weight loss and that is okay. Hopefully I will be able to hold my weight under the 105kg for next Sunday. 

Back to the work out

Yesterday when I was working at the fitness center a girl wanted to sign up for a membership. She told me how she had lost 25kg!! Wow good job. =) 
Her doctor told her to start working out and strength train. But she was afraid that her weight would go up because of the muscles gaining. That was when it hit me that I stupid as I am really are afraid of this as well. After talking with her I convinced her and MYSELF that working out is a good and healthy choose. I might "gain" weight the first week but after that I do know I will be loosing more weight as I will be burning more calories together with the effect of more muscles. Is there anyone else that have had this same feeling? 
No more excuses from me. I am starting my work outs now. 
Every week I have to accomplished:
  • 2 Zumba classes
  • 4 strength and cardio training sessions
  • 3 long works
I will be posting every time I work out.
Please don't let me make any more excuses! 


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  2. I often worry about the whole gaining muscle/gaining weight thing, as I want to lose weight first and then tone up afterwards. I think with the progress you've made so far that you'd be fine in adding a few pounds of muscle. Like you said - it'll help you to lose weight better in future. Keep it up!

    Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

    1. Exactly Jamie! I wanna loss weight not gaining muscles haha :) But I want my weight loss to go faster and I DO have really good experience from earlier weight loss try, with weight loss combined with work out. Better get started! :D

  3. Hey bebe sorry to hear you are not really happy about the small weight loss. I know how hard you are working and how disappointing you have found the results.

    Hope you have fun next weekend in London love you


  4. I really think working out is the BEST way to lose weight! Plus I think if you work out you will look EVEN BETTER when you lose all the weight because you will be super toned! (that's my plan for myself) I post daily workouts that you can do from home if you ever need any ideas!
    Good Luck with your new goals!

    1. Thanks Dani!! :D I will check it out right now! :)

  5. Hi Line you are doing a great job on your weight loss. The difference in the pictures is unbelievable, you look good. Claire.