Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrong day but went on the scale

I know it isn't Sunday

After the last 2 weeks of weight gain I have been really disappointed of my diet. I am not a big fan of going on the scale more than once a week but this morning I decided to check out the scales number. 107.1 was the result a 400g weight loss.. So happy!! 
This Sunday will be my first weight day in Denmark so it will be on a new scale hopefully the different between the scales wont be to big. 

For my return in Denmark I have decided not to try any kind of food with sugar or flour. I think it is easier just to skip it from the beginning. So while I am on danish ground I will not be eating sugar or flour. Now you maybe think while only on danish ground?!  

As I wrote before then I am going on a trip to London with my mom. I will try to do my best not to eat Sugar or Flour BUT we have a reservation for a High afternoon tea = ALOT OF SUGAR AND FLOUR!!! Further more have we been talking about eating dinner at Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant and for me Italy = Pasta. 

But until London I will be a good girl. 


  1. Good luck with the sugar/flour. I limit my sugar and carbs as much as possible and it has helped!

    1. Thanks :) I haven't been eating flour and sugar for a while here in Argentina either I feeling so much better!!!
      But going back home makes fear how my weight loss will go.. There is so much danish food that I have missed (Unhealthy food of course!!).. So just to make sure I don't fail I wont allow any sugar or flour in Denmark. I think it is just easier for me to have clear rules :D

  2. Good luck on your plans!! I'll be cheering you 24/7!!