Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bread from the local bakery

Danish bread

I have been so busy every since I got back to Denmark. It is been hard to start being so active again after 3 months of summer break. I haven't really been able to sleep at all so with 8 hours of work a day I feel pretty used and tired! On the good side being so busy makes the time go fast which I really need. Being apart from Emilio is so hard :( No more crying I will be back with him in 10 weeks with a weight under 100kg! YEAH

So as I have been busy I haven't had time to blog or bake my usual bread. I really miss to eat bread but as I don't eat white flour it can become a bit difficult to buy it any where and I simply just don't have the time for making it myself right now. Therefor I went to a danish bakery today. It is a really good bakery that has specialized in making bred without gluten and with out sugar! YEAH my place haha.. I bought a dark heavy bread with out white flour. It was just taking out of the oven when I was there so I just had to try it as soon as I got home.. OMG I was in heaven a warm fresh made bread is so yummi. 

Else not much else than work has been going on. I am working at a fitness center and hoping to get time to work out the last our I am there. Though that will depend on how busy I am. Else I will go there 3 days a week to attend a Zumba class. I am really really excited about that! 
My diet is going really well I haven't been eating anything unhealthy at all..!! Hopefully that will give me a good result Sunday. Though the test is coming up: Dinner with my sister tomorrow, Family birthday dinner Friday and lunch with my best friend Saturday. 

Oh well I better stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey babe :) It's cool you found a good place to get bread from! I'm still struggling a little bit with my lack of it but yesterday I had some rice crackers with casancrem and it was good!!