Monday, August 20, 2012

Missing my better part

1 week past by

Being away from Emilio is really hard. I miss all the small things, we normally would do together. Small things such as eating breakfast together or just laying in his arm watching some Malcolm in the middle. =) (you should watch it. It is sooooo funny). But most of all I miss waking up next to him and see his big smile and I miss seeing him as the last thing before I go to bed. To miss someone that much makes it even harder to focus on my weight loss. 
To miss someone is something that I have had to get use to. There is always an other placed where I want to be. When I am together with Emilio in Argentina I am dreaming myself home to Denmark or back to my amazing host kids and mom in the US. That makes it really really hard to stay happy. 
I am trying to enjoy my time where ever I am but it has been hard for me so far. Though I think I am doing so much better now. By keeping myself busy and entertained makes it easier to be away from the loved ones. I have to enjoy it because soon I will be back with Emilio and away from friends and family so I only have a short time before I have to say goodbye again. 

Back to my weight loss all these thoughts complicates my weight loss as my normally weapons will be snacking a lot of unhealthy food. But not this time. I am doing great I am surrounded of amazing people which helps me a lot. Working with the sweetest kids have helped me realize how important a healthy diet is to keep me being healthy. Never in my life have I ever had the energy that I am having now. It is no longer an issue getting up at 6 in the morning and going though the day with out a nap. A thing that just 1 months ago would have been impossible. Before I started eating after the eat clean diet was I always tired. I had issue getting op in the morning and I would for sure need a nap doing the day. It feels amazing to have energy. I know the energy it thanks to my new diet and I am so thanks full.

Now I can do EVERYTHING!


  1. You guys sound so sweet :) I think the confidence you are gaining is helping your attitude in life overall and its just great to hear about. It will be what inspires you to keep on going!! Good for you Line!

  2. Hey hun! You were right, my comment didn't go through :S

    Anyways I just wanted to say I miss you too!

    I'm glad you are having lots of energy I think it is a great idea to keep yourself busy. That's why sometimes I worry when you are here as I feel you cannot find stuff to do!



  3. Just try to hang in there, the best you can! Missing someone and dieting at the same time, is not easy, but I'm sure you'll pull through!


    p.s. VWD on your weight loss so far :o)