Sunday, August 12, 2012

29 hours trip

I can’t believe where the last 9 months went. But gone are they and once again it was time to say goodbye to Emilio yesterday night as I have to go to Denmark for a 11 weeks internship at a kindergarten.
I love to travel but 29 hours is TOOO LONG! Especially when you have to say goodbye, to the boy you love right before you leave.  After a LOT of tears I got to say goodbye and se you VERY soon to Emilio and in to my 13 hours plain trip.
Travelling in a plain being overweight isn’t funny. I mean even for a person with a healthy weight will find those seats small. And then if you have long legs like me the plain is going to kill you!

Even though I was travelling I still tried to keep an eye on what I ate. I mean it is hard as the food in a plain is HORRIBLE. I got some smash potatoes with meat in a sauce together with a piece of bread. I know the bread isn’t a part of my diet but I was so hungry and after all I didn’t eat the dessert or the ice cream later at night time! YEAH I am proud of myself. Doing the night I got pretty sick. My belly doesn’t like to travel so I skipped the breakfast. Even in the 5 hours I spend waiting for my plain in Amsterdam I didn’t eat. Maybe because I know my mom had made me Danish meat balls. So yummi…!!
Even though I thought this trip would have ruined my diet I passed the MC. Donald and Burger King without even considering buying anything. That wouldn’t have happened 3 months ago.!
29 hours has gone I am exhausted all I want is a goodnight kiss from Emilio <3 It is so hard to be away from your love but I have to try to enjoy my time in Denmark.
Tomorrow I will start being completely strict about my diet so I will be a lot lighter when I see Emilio again! Fitness center will you be my best friend? =)
Challenge is to be under 100 kg in 11 weeks. I know I can do it!!

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