Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just can't get under the 107kg! 

Another week disappeared.  I was so excited when my alarm woke me up this morning at 5 o'clock. After a good week, were I had a lot of social events that all went well (with the food) I was ready for a good weight loss. I know I didn't eat 100 % what I should but I did say NO to every dessert. 
It didn't take long before the scale ruined my day. 107.5kg a 400g weight gain SAY WHAT!!!! I was so sad. I really don't understand how it could go so wrong. I measured myself and Even though I gained I still manage to loss 5 cm. Which I think is good. 
Hopefully the reason why I gained weight wasn't because I gained fat but a result of a week with not enough water. No matter what this isn't good enough I really need to get myself together. 

My dreams are still high. This week is gonna be busy but I will do everything I possible can do. Next Sunday I will have manage a weight loss over 1 kg.! 

How is every one else doing?

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  1. Hey bebe I'm super sorry you didn't lose weight this week but don't let this pull you down!

    Love you