Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yummi chicken!

I am so behind blogging!

Last week I got this amazing chicken but I never got to share it on my blog. (Better late than never I guess.)

It was a super easy dish to make, some people will call it unhealthy as it both had cream and bacon! But as the main thing for us right now is to skip flower and sugar I consider that I every once in a while can eat this stuff! (I mean I had a weight loss last week so maybe I am right.)

The recipe:
2 Chicken breast (with out skin, even though I LOVE crispy skin haha)
3 leek cut in bites
3 carrots cut in bites
½ cup cream
salt & pepper
nutmeg (just a little bit)
½ cup cheese

Add all the vegetable in a roasting pan.
Pan the chicken until in change color on the outside add on top of the vegetable.
Then mix cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg and pour it over chicken and vegetable.

Pour the cheese on top and place in an oven around (175 Celsius degree). Takes around 30 min to finish.

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  1. Good food! Thanks for bringing so great ideas to the table :D