Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday again!

Once again it is time for the scale

Today I didn't really know what to think about my weight! I was fearing the scale. It has been a pretty bad week with my food but a lovely week with my boyfriend (hopefully we can combine those two things in this week haha). 
No but we went out for a REALLY lovely dinner Tuesday. It was really unhealthy but so delicious! 
Tuesday was not enough we had a coupon to a sushi place Thursday night. Really good sushi but as it had white rice it was not a part of my diet. As this could have been enough it wasn't!!!! I couldn't help it I had 3 Ferrero Rocher. ( Yeah I am not proud of my self either but dam they were good) 
But then of cause Line went extra to they gym right? Nope again bad bad week I have been so busy with school / Really lazy as I have a LOT of free time. I don't really know what went wrong this week but I had to pay for it at the scale. 

So how bad was the scale. Not as bad as expected I actually had a weight loss it was small but it was there (200g)! I am pretty happy about this result and really for starting a good new week with a lot of work out. (no excuses as I am on a 2 months summer break right now). I am keeping up with my diet no sugar or flower! 

Hopefully the scale next week will be under 108 kg! 

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