Sunday, June 10, 2012


So today is my weight day!

It wasn't the best week I could wish for.
My food was okay most of the time. Had a few really bad days though! But on the good side I went to the gym 3 times.. ( I am so proud of my self yeah)
The true is that I gained weight not a lot but more than enough! (I cheated and went on the scale Tuesday 113kg was the number it showed!! I was shocked!) After that eye opener I started to take care of my food again and today the scale said 110.4kg. So looking back on the week I am still happy about my weight!. + I lost a lot of centimeters which makes me feel great.
Next week is going to be with 3-4 times at the gym and then lots of fruit and vegetable! (Had fried empnadas today so I better watch out the rest of the week..!!)

Wish me luck the scale has to be under a 110kg. next Sunday

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