Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sushi night out

Back on my life change.

The first diet didn't work at all. I loss 4 kg, but 3 days after I finish the diet I had gained it all again. (Guess what I got an email from the telling me that what I had lost doing the diet was mussels and now they wanted me to buy a work out book?) Can't believe what a bad diet I was on!
Any way my new "diet" is just about eating healthy no sugar and no flower. Together with that I am going to work out a lot at the gym. Doing this week 3 times and then one more time each week until I reach at least 10 hours at the gym a week.
I think this is a good way for me. And a much healthier way than a short turn diet.
Today I started the day with an omelet. (I have the best boyfriend that makes me breakfast so yummi!) For lunch I had fish and a salat. We went out for dinner and got sushi. I believe that sushi is a healthy choose, even though it still have calories, but hey it has much less calories than a big fat burger!! :D

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