Sunday, June 17, 2012

I did it!!

Today is a happy day!

I am not just under the 110kg I am 1,1kg under (108.9kg) !! Right now I am so happy for my weight loss..
This week was pretty easy. Even though I could have been eating a lots of Ice cream and other good stuff!! I didn't as Emilio keep me on the right track and made sure I didn't eat any sugar or flour. 
I was suppose to work out at the gym 3 times this week. (I failed) Only went twice so next week I will go Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday! Wish me luck :)

As said before I have been skipping flour, sugar and processed food! But instead I have been eating vegetable, fruit and meat. I haven't been afraid of bacon and cream as I normally would! Not that I had it every day think I had it once this week. ( I will post the recipe so yummi.) It feels good knowing that I can have other good things now when the sugar and flour is gone from my diet :) 

After such a great week with a weight loss on 1,5kg I am ready for taking a week more!

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