Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yummi food

Just wanna say Hi :)

Lately or actually always when Emilio and I are together we cook some pretty dam good food. Which you can see in our economic! Why is living healthy so expensive???!!!!

Any way back to the important yesterday for lunch we had some leftover chicken from the night before. We kind of have different ideas of what to do with leftovers.. Emilio want them to keep being the way they were made in the first place. But sometimes I like to make them different So I did yesterday :) I sliced some mushrooms and garlic, panned them together in a little bit of olive oil. Then I added the left over chicken breast pure in some salt and a bit of cream... I really love spicy food so I also added chili and parsley. Together with this we had a lot of salad (Lettuce, carrots and red-beads)!!

Yummi to my tummy :)

For dinner we had one of my favorite danish dishes. It is meet balls made off pork! Together with that once a gain we had salad and smashed vegetable (We make it as wash it smashed potatoes but add carrots and sweet potatoes to it) The sweet potatoes makes me fell really full!! Love it =) Oh well I just love food!!

Tomorrow is an important weight in! I have for the past month expected the scale to show a number under the 100kg!! I think that will happen tomorrow after a really good week!  

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