Thursday, November 8, 2012

New day of my weight in

! I lost weight !

I am not going crazy, I do realized it isn't Sunday but Thursday today :) But Emilio and I have decided to change our weight in from Sunday to Thursday. Probably this is stupid, but honestly most of our activities is Friday and Saturday and sometimes I feel like not going out on a Saturday just in fear for the Weight in Sunday. Therefore I now decided to change the day to Thursday.
My goal was to get under 100kg. But as it is Thursday today and not Sunday that would be to much to wish for. 

Start weight: 115kg/253.5lbs
Last weight in: 101.3kg/223.3lbs
Today's weight 100.1 kg/220.7lbs YEAH 100.1kg!!!!!
Lost 1.2kg /2.6lbs
Total 14.9kg/32.8lbs

Look at it!!!!!! I am so fucking close to be under the 100.. Which is a really big deal for me and I am sure I will accomplish that for next week.

More good news!!! 
Today after lots of thoughts (Trying to find excuses). Emilio and I went to the gym at 9:30 am trying our first class. It was 30 min strength training and 30 min spinning. DAMIT that teacher was crazy!! It was such a good work out my T-shirt was completely wet. Can't wait for Tuesday when we will attend that class again. 

Please leave a comment and tell me 3 random things about yourself :) Would be great to get to know you guys some better =)

Take care


  1. Your rock! Both of you! :)

    I am trying to exercise and cook regularly too, but I just recently got very busy with school and work, that I am lucky if I do these things once a week. Uff! Life is crazy.

    Hope to get some break and take care of myself more during winter holidays. Wish me luck!

    PS: Is it possible to post pictures on here?

  2. Yay! Great result! I think I'll need to change my weigh in day too, too much happens on the weekends now to do it. And 3 things:

    I'm doing a 5km fun run for Movember in a week's time (eek!)

    I've had 3 bad weeks in a row for fitness :(

    There are 4 office parties from now until Christmas that all involve copious amounts of food and drink.


  3. Congrats on your weight loss - I'm sure you'll be over that 100 mark by next Thursday!

    And thanks for the follow too! My three things (other peoples seem to be about weight loss, but, mine aren't):

    - I'm a professional photographer (but take all my personal photos with my phone...)
    - I was once a model in a fashion show. It was terrifying. I was much slimmer then!
    - I am a bit obsessed with eyebrows - I can leave the house without wearing make-up, but, not without plucking my eyebrows!


  4. 2.6lbs that's Fantastic! It is so awesome that Emilio and you can help each other stay on track.

    3 random things about me? You asked for it, totally Random

    1. I hate rice pudding (the slimy rice grosses me out)
    2. My favorite cartoon as a kid was Disney's Gummi Bears
    3. The last book I read was called "The Smuggler"