Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weight in including progress pictures

Finally through a god/bad week! 

The past week has been weird! Emilio and I was eating out Friday night, then Saturday night we had a big barbecue. Yeah you would think this was enough but wrong again! Monday was our anniversary so we went for a picnic for lunch and to a Italian restaurant for dinner. (Check out the pictures on my last post anniversary love ) It was a great day. Hey what is better than a day long date<3. We are still not done! Tuesday we went out for dinner together with Emilios parents and Wednesday I had sushi for dinner! 

So this morning when I went on the scale, it was with the expecting of seen something over 100kg again!
But I was so wrong. 
Start weight: 115 kg / 253.5lbs
Last week: 99.8 kg / 220lbs
Today: 99.2 kg / 218.7lbs
Lost 0.6kg / 1.3lbs
Total loss: 15.8 kg / 34.8lbs

It is awesome I am so happy about that. This brings me to the group of 210's! Haven't been this low since my 18th birthday. 
The diet has become much harder since I got to Argentina. I was hoping things would be much easier down here where I have Emilio's support. Unfortunately I was wrong. Being home all day long with out any plans makes me craw food, which takes me to open the friedge all the fucking time!!!! Back home in Denmark I was way to busy to open the fridge as I was on work. 

I am doing my best hoping to make the scale keep going down! 
Remember to check out my New progress pictures:)


  1. Wow, that's impressive. You should have a barbecue followed by a picnic and sushi more often if it still means you get a loss :)


  2. You are doing a great job honey keep it up!!


  3. Hi Line!! I'm a new reader, just starting my own weight loss journey. I'm 22, so I was excited to find someone close in age kicking butt and working hard. :) You look awesome! I hope to have as much success as you have!