Thursday, November 29, 2012

30th weight in!!

Tracked my weight for 30 weeks now! WOW

I can't believe that I have been tracking my weight for 30 weeks now. Doing these 30 weeks I have been loosing 15.4kg / 34 lbs. Honestly I should be happy! It is ½ kg a week in average which I normally would be more than happy to accomplish. But not this time I feel like I should have lost a hell lot more! It didn't happen so instead I will be happy for every single kilo I did loss.  

This week I gained weight 0.4kg/ 0.9 lbs. I have been sick the whole week. Feeling like throwing up constantly together with a really bad headache have made it hard to eat! Therefor I have been skipping a lot of meals but not eating anything unhealthy so yeah I don't get the gain and expect it to be gone next week!

Take care!


  1. Sounds like your body's retaining water to help fight off the illness. Once you're on the mend you should see that come down :)


  2. 30 weeks goes so fast, I feel the same way. Over a pound a week weight loss is fantastic. Just imagine how awesome that will be if you can keep that up