Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Joined a new gym

Warning this post has a very negative attitude!! :)

I have never loved going to a gym, or this was until I joined 24 hours fitness center in Vancouver WA. Woow that fitness center was great. It had everything I possible could think of, Pool, aerobic machines, weights and a great kids club where my kids had lots of fun. Best of all I only paid 30 $ a month.

After being a member of 24 hours I thought it would be hard finding a good fitness center in Argentina. I looked though a lot of the one around my house, but seriously non of them were places I would like to go. (I wanna go a place where "normal" people goes not a place where they all look like bodybuilders.!!)
I found this great fitness center called Megatlon. (It had a Starbucks in side it!!! I LOVE THAT.. Though seriously what does the work out help when I right after would think a coffee????) Unfortunately I had to pay close to 100 $ a month for going there! First time I was here I decided to use those money, but ended not using it enough, mostly because of bad excuses and a "long" transport time. (This was another excuse). Because of this I decided not to use so much money on a gym again. 

Back home in Denmark I worked at a brand new fitness center. It had all the good machines that they use in 24 hours fitness.. It was really great to use the machines I know and to work out in a place where there were all kinds of people working out.

Back to my complaining!! Emilio had join this new gym and I thought it would be awesome to go together!! :) I still do believe it is a good thing going together... BUT BUT BUT that gym is horrible the treadmill look like they will break if I strand on them. There is only one bike and one elliptical that also looked like it is 20 years old and bought in Walmart for 20 $!!! Even the weights is those weird one where u have to carry the weight yourself and put it on the machines... I might be able to puss 62 kg with my leg but there is no fucking way I can carry them to the machine with my hands!! So happy I had Emilio to help me!!! =) I already payed for the gym and as I wanna loss weight I have to go there... Good things is that it takes me 5 min to go there.. I will be trying there classes out and hope they will be greater... Just can't believe a gym like that can cost 28 $ which is just 2 $ less than 24 hours fitness!!! WTF

Back to the point! Find yourself a gym you like and where you feel comfortable I believe that, that will give you the best work outs.. =) Though I am still happy I will be training with Emilio but gotta admit I am dreaming myself back to 24 hours fitness.. :) Just had to share my anger with the whole world and make the point that fitness center aren't the same in the whole world!!!  

What kind of a fitness center do you join?


  1. Gyms are really expensive down here as well. The gyms in the States were not only cheaper but also much better and had the best technology. Hope you get to enjoy the classes maybe that makes a difference. Claire.

    1. Gyms should be cheap! In Denmark a lot of companies has started to pay for their employees gym. On that way they get healthy employees that isn't sick all the time!! Great deal.
      So where are you from?

  2. Sorry you couldn't find a gym you liked as much as stateside. I will admit we have some pretty aweosme gyms here. I belong to LA Fitness and pay $29 a month and it has a pool, basketball courts, raquetball courts, dance/yoga studio, spinning room, and tooooons of machines. I mostly go for the classes. Those keep me interested. But I like that I have the option of lots of machines if I want.

  3. That sucks, but you can just leave once the month is up if you want to, right? Hopefully you'll find a 24 hour gym that isn't too expensive near you :)


    1. Wish I could find a 24 hours fitness.. But I think they only exist in the US :)