Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School trip to Roskilde

My fear this week was my school trip to Roskilde. 

I did my best to make sure that it wouldn't ruin my diet! It wasn't easy there is so many good things I would love to eat but I think I got through it really well.

As we were leavning my city at 4 in the morning I decided to pack a little breakfast for later. I packed some Whole grain dark bread with a boil egg. Not the most interesting but it was healthy =) To make sure I ate healthy for lunch I decided to pack a lunch box as well... But after 5 hours drive I totally forgot about the food and left it in my dads car!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That meant that I had to buy food at the school. It made me nervous until I saw the buffet. :) They had a really good salad. YES I was safe. Haha
Looking good right? :)
As we already were done having classes at 1 pm we decided to go down town. I had a sugar free Cafe latte. With out realizing it I forgot to ask for a low fat milk :( To bad.. 
There for I decided to have a big salad for lunch. Again a buffet where I also ordered a baked potato. I was feeling a bit bad (I think I needed some protein)! So I ate some cheese and chicken.. Again I am actually proud that I didn't order chicken wings, spare ribs or some of the other good shit! 
Salad with Chili and olive oil dressing! YUM
 Danish breakfast isn't the healthiest thing to eat. Normally it would be a lot of white brad with butter, cheese and jam. I really didn't wanted to eat this crap so I brought my own Oat meal with some almonds. It tasted really good. I just pure some hot water over it and made it rest for some minutes. Yum Yum. I am sure I will do this when I travel back to Argentina.

After classes I had 7 hours until my plane was flying. So I went to Joe and the Juice where I had the best Passion, Apple and pineapple juice and a avocado sandwich! Yep I failed I ate white/whole grain bread but I decided that it was a okay as there was not much bread and it had some whole grain flour in it. =)

For dinner I ate a salad with Salmon. I really think I did a good job.. I really hope this won't mean a weight gain. :( So I will be doing my best the rest of the week. This means Zumba tomorrow and only healthy food. 


  1. Wow, well done! I would have gone straight for the bad options! By the way, I tried butternut squash soup after you mentioned it and I loved it :)

    Jamie @ Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

    1. Thanks!! I was so proud of myself by choosing the healthy options! haha :D

      So happy you tried the butternut squash. So Yummi :D

  2. I was cracking up when I read that you forgot your food in your dads car, I've done that before myself. I can just imagine how that boiled egg was gonna smell when your dad looked in that bag after a ten hour trip.

    1. I know!! Haha Thank god I realized right away so he could throw it away ;) Lucky it was in a cooling draw so it didn't get hot! :D

  3. You are so good to have chosen to stick to salads!
    I would have convinced myself that I should try a bit of everything, just to taste, and end up putting waaaay too much food on my plate, and then eat it all. I'm terrible at buffets like that. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach.
    Good on you for your good choices!