Saturday, September 15, 2012

Butternut squash soup!

I love cooking!

Also I love eating out. I just find it so challenging to eat out while being on a diet! It is not hard to find a restaurant that serve a good salad here in Denmark or when I was in London. As a matter of fact it is so easy! The only issue is that there is so many other things at the menu card calling my name. haha! The pizza section sounds amazing so do the pasta. :( To convince myself to go for the salad isn't always easy but it is getting better. 
As I am home in Denmark right now, I want to spend as much time with my friends as possible and often that means food! So far it has been working out well I am ordering my salad and a diet coke, even smoothies sometimes but here I have to be careful they add a hell lot of sugar to smoothies?!! WHY am I asking myself.. So I am starting to ask for a SUGAR FREE smoothie.. :) 

When I am not out with friends and not working (This isn't often but a few times a week) I really enjoy making a good healthy meal. 
I love butternut squash but I haven't had luck finding it here in Denmark. Until my mother came home with one the other day. Therefor I decided to make a Butternut squash soup with Bacon and cheddar toppings. 

Another thing I made this week was a really good tomato, rucola and mozzarella salad. (I am in Love with mozzarella) 
 I hope to get even more time to cooking but now when I am so busy I mostly just cook a big pot of quinoa and use that for a ever lunch doing the week mixed with some vegetables and protein! it is yummi but getting kind of boring! :) 

Tomorrow is weight in and I am nervous as HELL!! I am hoping for a really good result and doing the week the scale have been showing some good numbers. After a good week I also expect a big loss.!!

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment! I would love some food ideas :)


  1. That butternut squash soup looks really good, especially with the bacon :) I need to try my hand at making soup sometime.

    Jamie @ Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

    1. Thanks Jamie :D It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to make your own soup.
      This one is just
      2 onion
      1 head of garlic
      one butter nut squash

      Cut the butternut squash in half and place the cutting side down. Cut the top of the garlic and place in the trace as well. add a bit of olive oil and let cook in the oven for an hour. In a pot u cook the bacon until crispy. Take the bacon of and add the onion. Then with a spoon take out the fill of the Squash and add to the onion just as you push out the garlic in the pot. Add 2 cups of water and blended it!!
      Add the spices you like. Ready set EAT!! :D
      So yummi

  2. I have never tried butternut squash, but that looks really good. I am in love with Mozzarella too, actually I think I'm in love with every kind of cheese out there, but mozz is definitely towards the top of my list.
    I can see such a big difference in your pictures, you look fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the comment =)
      You should really try butternut squash it is so good and you can prepare it in so many different ways.
      I love to pill it and boil it like if I was making mashed potatoes. :D Yummi
      or to pill it and bake it in the oven together with potatoes, carrots or what ever you like. It is like eating fries haha :D

  3. That tomato and mozzarella salad looks great! Very refreshing!