Monday, September 10, 2012

Home from London

I am home after a fantastic weekend.

First to the less fun! As I wasn't home Sunday for my weight in I had decided not to make an official weight in! But yeah who am I trying to trick? 
I am not happy about saying it but I have to see the reality in my eyes I GAINED 700g since last Sunday. It is to bad as I don't feel like I ate that bad doing my trip to London. But the scale don't lie. The scale said 105,6kg so the goal for this Sunday will be to get back under the 100kg. 

After that being said lets go to the funny part!!! :)

London the city of my dreams

Thursday night was the day I had been waiting for! A whole weekend together with my mom and shopping on the program is paradise for every girl I guess.. Haha 
I tried to eat healthy doing my trip. Honestly I am so proud of the way it worked out. 

Picture time

Thursday night snack, Chili hummus with celery

Bags from the first shopping day
My mother and me ready for some shopping

Friday lunch. Best salad ever!

New earrings! 

In front of the queens house in my new dress!

The restaurant at Dorchester hotel
In front of The Dorchester hotel where we got a afternoon tea

The bathroom at The Dorchester hotel. One of the finest hotel in London

Waiting for the cake! Yep I ate white bread and sugar for the first time in 2 months!!

So good! Sandwiches with Salmon, chicken, tuna, cucumber and egg. Together with  a glass of champagne.!

Really taste cakes

Lunch at Jamie Olivers restaurant. Here Pork with potatoes


Dinner at a tapas bar. :)

This is a picture of Camden market!! I love this market :D
 Here some pictures of our hotel! If you ever are going to London! Make sure you stay here!

I Love London! And I Love shopping! If you haven't visit London yet you should really start planning a trip. I have been there 7 times now I still love going there! 


  1. Hey honey! Great pictures you look really beautiful! I really like your new dress and you finally got to wear your sunglasses haha!



    1. Thanks Honey! Happy you like the dress :)
      Funny enough I have used those sunglasses EVERY day since I left Argentina :p Haha Who would have thought the sun would shine in Denmark

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! Well done for still managing to make healthy choices while you were there; I wouldn't have had the willpower :)

    1. Thanks Jamie! London is amazing :)
      Normally I would have been eating a lot of unhealthy food. But I got pretty "sick" after eating white bread and sugar Friday so it wasn't funny and didn't taste better than a really good salad. :D