Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weight in

Wow it is Sunday again! I can't believe how fast time is flying. 

It has been a really weird week. I have got this really really bad sickness. Or it is not really a sickness more like a obsession with there scale. Waking up at night time just wanting to go on the scale to check the number. That means I have been on the scale every single day. Something that I find completely stupid but honestly I can't help it. 
The scale have been going up and down doing the whole week and with a mini "vacation" to Roskilde from Monday to Tuesday I was kind of scared of the scale today. Not because I ate unhealthy, as a matter of fact I ate pretty healthy doing the whole week. Just because I am scared that the scale suddenly would say 115kg again. I guess I still haven't understand how much weight I have lost. The hope for this week was to be stable on the 103.1kg from last week where I lost 2.5kg.
I was happily surprised when I went on the scale and had a weight loss on 200g.

Start weight (May 2012): 115kg
Last Sundays weight: 103.1kg
Today's weight: 102.9 kg

Hey it isn't a lot but I did loss weight and that is what count! 
I have now lost 12.1kg and I am so proud of myself. My jeans are getting VERY big, the t-shirts is fitting much looser, I feel better and I look better. 
I am on my way to a healthier life. 
It is still my goal to be under 100kg before I am getting back to Emilio. I still have 5 weeks to accomplish it. I believe in it do you? :)


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    1. Thanks :D Sorry to read about your knee :( hope you will be back on your walks soon :D

  2. Another great result! You'll make your goal in 5 weeks, no worries :) Be careful about going on the scales daily too; your weight will likely fluctuate a lot from one day to the next so it might seem that you're gaining weight when in fact in the long run you're actually losing it.

    Jamie @ Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

    1. I know :( It is a really bad habbit!!! The goal for this week is only to go on the scale Wednesday and Sunday. I know it is one time to much but Hey it is a start :D

  3. Hey bebe congrats on your weight loss!! Thought you should seriously stop going on the scale every 5 f*cking minutes!!!!

    Haha :P



    1. So far so good!! Didn't go on the scale today! Plan is to stay away from it tomorrow as well.... BUT then Wednesday I will have to go on :D