Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do kids get fat?!

Is it the kids fall or the parents? 

I am taking an internship in a kindergarten, and honestly, I am choked of the lunch, that the parents prepare for their kids. 

The kids are in the age of 3-5, and have daily chocolate, cake, butter and other sugary things in there lunch packets. This have making me look back to my childhood. Why did I get to be that big as a kid?

My parents has always been telling me, that I got to be that big, not because we ate unhealthy at home, but because I ate to much.
I do know that I always have been eating a lot. In the age of 10, I eat like a grown up man. Though I have to go against my parents, and say that, we didn't eat that healthy at home. It was quite comment to get cake and other sweet stuff more than one time a week. Fast food here specially Pizza was also often to find at the dinner table. 

I will probably never be able to prove, what the reason to my over weight is, but no matter what I do believe that it is the parents responsibilities, to make sure that their kids, live a healthy life with out over weight.

My parents has always used the excuse, that I was stubborn and wouldn't listing to them. Which is true. 
Thought I still think they should have stopped med in an earlier age. I believe that they could have done a difference for my over weight. My parents has been trying to help me loosing weight before. Both by paying a nutritionist to help me with the food and by paying a gym. I am thank full for all of these thing but where the support really should have been. Was in the kitchen at home. Buying cake, ice cream and other unhealthy things isn't something that helps me loosing weight. I know I don't have to eat it!! But hey that isn't easy. If there wasn't unhealthy food in the kitchen I wouldn't been able to eat it! 

So my hope for all the parents out there! Take the responsibility for your kids and make sure they get a healthy start on their life! 

I love my parents and know how proud they are of my weight loss. I don't blame them for my overweight but I would have wished that they never had letting me gain so many kilos. Life as a fat girl hasn't always been easy.


  1. I agree parents should be aware of children health IN GENERAL. This not only includes what they allow the kids to eat but also exercise and healthy habits as 6 meals a day, including veggies and fruits and stuff like that.



  2. Your story sounds like mine! I always ate too much. Of anything, healthy or unhealthy, I just liked to eat. I too was eating adult portions when I was very young. I still remember being able to eat a whole Big Mac when I was only 8 years old.

    But my mother has a sweet tooth (always has) and is always buying buscuits, ice cream, cake... Even the fact that she can't have dairy now hasn't slowed her down, she has just swapped to dairy-free or soy versions.

    She probably didn't model the healthiest eating when I was growing up. It makes me even more determined to get healthy and build up good habits now so if I become a parent, I'll already have some skills and good behaviours to model and pass on!

  3. I agree. Kids don't know their limits when it comes to food; parents should. I don't recall eating that much salad or fruit growing up, and once I figured out how to make my own sandwiches that was it for me.

    Jamie @ Zombie Food to Zombie Fit

  4. I agree with you 100%. Children learn from example, I know I did.

  5. Good post. In my experience it is also important that parents worry about what kids are allergic too. As a kid I had some allergies that were not taken care of properly and that affected my health. I know kids can be stubborn sometimes but they will always depend on their parents, if they only have healthy stuff at their house then they can only eat healthy things. Claire.