Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year has started

Wow 2014 is already here! 

I have really big expectation for this year, hopefully I will accomplish at least some of all of my dreams. 

It is my goal to loss 20 kg this year, and Emilio and I are already back on track, trying to stay on a healthy diet. Christmas time wasn't good for me I did gain some kilos, but Emilio actually manege to drop some kilos, not sure how he does it haha... Hopefully I will find a way of motivate myself to do some exercise. But most important I will keep eating after the Paleo rules. 

2014 is also the year where I am moving back to Denmark. I am really excited about starting a "normal" life again. Hopefully Emilio will get to join the life in Denmark as well this year so we finally can start building a home and home together.

What is you guys plans for 2014.

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