Friday, January 31, 2014

Life is back!

My last post was so depressing! Things just wasn't coming my way but thank god things changed. We got power and water back Sunday night, which was the beginning of a fresh weight loss start.
I feel like we have been on a diet for so long but the true is that my weight has been stable between 109-110.5kg ever since October. It is a good thing that I manage to stay stable but with so much weight to loss then I don't have time for this!
I knew the scale would show a horrible number but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad! I went on and it showed 111.7kg
It was time to get back on track. Emilio and I decided to cut down on our meat, that way we would hopefully loss more weight but also safe some money. Therefor we have decided to eat soup once a day! Not a boring water soup but a good creamsoup, chickensoup, vegetable soup yeah you name it all kind of soup! That way we get tons of vegetables at one of the meals. The rest of the meals are normal Paleo. Protein, vegetables and healthy fat.
Also I try to drink tons of water and mate which is a kind of green tea! It seems like it is working well! So far I lost more than 2kg in the first 5 days, yes I do know it isn't all fat but hey I am stupid enough to just be happy and enjoy the scale going down.

Anyone that has a good soup recipe!? Not sure I will be allowed to cook the soup tonight, yesterday neither of Emilio and I was able to eat our soup as it was way to spicy! Ups but hey isn't chili suppose to make you burn fat? ;)


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