Sunday, January 26, 2014

Angry? YES!! Frustrated? YES!!!!

My weight is going up that is for sure!

I was actually doing so fine until Thursday night.. Once again our building went out of power, and as I am studying through the internet then I NEED internet. So to be able to study and have shit to do I decided to move in to Starbucks. It is now 4 days later and we are still out of power and WATER!!!

Seriously it is impossible to stay at an apartment with out water. Even worse when you live at the 10th floor. Our emergency stairs are dangerous and  the emergency light went out 4 days ago so it is all DARK!! My legs are so sore but at least I get some good work outs.

The bad part is that we eat out for all of our meals which makes me put on weight. I love Starbucks but lets be honest, Frapuccino and Tea Chai Latte, bagels and all there other food just isn't healthy.

Hopefully life will be back to normal soon!

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