Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What a wonderful day

That is all I can say about today! 

I haven't seen my best friend for the past 3 months, which is way to long. She is my best friend and have been it since I was just 3 years old! That is a very long friendship. Nobody knows me as well as her which is amazing. I love to know that I have someone who truly understands me and who trust me just as much as I trust her.

We had a very delicious lunch, I got a chicken bacon salad and a homemade smoothie. Unfortunately I ate a piece of bread and butter. Most stupid was that I didn't realize that I ate it before I was done.. Anyway I have been eating so well ever since Monday! I went on the scale this morning and it showed a really good result! I was 105.1kg Monday and 102.9kg today. I am not sure I actually lost that much, maybe I have less water or something in my body, but I do believe I have lost some.

The final result will be shown Monday.

How are u guys doing?


  1. That's fantastic, and it shows that a little bit of bread now and again won't hurt :)

    Jamie at The Zombie Fitness Blog

  2. Hej skat! I just read a great idea for mini quiches recipes. Instead of using any dough you put ham at the bottom! Though I bet that if it was up to you it would be bacon, am I right?!

    Have a good one, glad you had fun with Rikke!