Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling better

Being busy takes my appetites away!

Every since I got to Denmark Saturday night I have been so busy, that I am forgetting to eat and drink. Not good I know!! 
True is that I love being busy as it takes me away from opening the refrigerator every single minut!! :) I got my old job back, which is amazing it is really flexible and allows me to work a lot while I have time and less when I am busy. 

Also I got to see the place where I will be taking my 2nd internship. It is a place where handicapped people lives. My visit was really positive. The people I am going to be working with looks really nice!!! But it is going to be a challenge for my diet! 
The thing is that we eat together with the handicapped people who lives there, so I have to eat what is served. Good thing is that I am going to be a part of making the food! It is my hope that I can cook healthy food for them, but I can't be sure that I always can make it with out flour. Therefor I have to change my diet. I am not happy about it but okay with it. It is something I have to do else I am going to fail my weight loss. It is my plan to skip flour on my off days and then eat a very small amount of it while being on work. 

Lets see how it goes! I love fresh made bread and one of the night cares is an old baker and apparently he makes fresh made bread for break fast.. I will do my best to turn it down!

I feel my past 2 days have been good compared to the food! I haven't had flour, but instead lots of vegi and protein. Hopefully that scale will show that Monday :)


  1. My call: have some bags and tuppers ready with healthy snacks an meals!

    Good luck :)


    1. As I have to eat together with the people who lives at the handicap house and eat the same food as them I wont be able to bring tuppers!!!