Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy new year

2013 is finaly here

It is a new year and a new chance. ¨

2012 became the year where I got back to studies and started my weight loss. I lost 13 kg/ 28 lbs which is awesome but now enough!!! I lost my motivation and started gaining weight again, something that I am not proud of but ready to change. 
It was also a year where I barely got to spend time with my loved ones.  

2013 is there for going to be a year where weight loss and loved ones are going to be in focus. 

Since last week I have lost 0.2 kg not much but after a hard week I can't complain a loss is a loss. 

Goals for 2013:
- Lose 22 kg
- Going to the gym 3 times a week from February. 
(I will be back in Denmark from February to August, where I will be joining a good gym)
- Focus on the good stuff in life.
- Spend as much time with friends and family as possible.

Big goals but I can and I will accomplish them!


  1. Love your goals, Line :) Best of luck with your fitness in 2013!

    Zombie Food 2 Zombie Fit

  2. Hello there! I just realised that you had started following me thought I would repay the favour! You are just gorgeous! Can't wait to follow your journey!

  3. Hej skat sorry I didn't read this post before you know how crazy my diet has been and honestly I haven't been using my blog a lot. Now I'm back on track and hopefully this medium will be a good way of keeping each other motivated!