Thursday, December 27, 2012

Food hell

Christmas is finally over 

For the past 6 days I have been eating like a pig! I am so embarrassed of myself, I completely lost control. My diet has been full of sugar, white flour, butter, cream, pasta and bacon. I fell disgusted about myself and my stomach fells like it just want to kill me!
I have to get back on track not after new year not tomorrow but RIGHT NOW before I gain it all back!!!

Start weight: 115 kg
Last week. 100.1 kg
Today 101.7 kg
Gain 1.6 kg 

The gain could have been worse. As a matter of fact Yesterday I weighted 104.5 kg but I guess a lot of it was salt and water.

I started my diet again yesterday morning. I woke up ready for the challenge 3 hard weeks with out anything else than healthy food and with a minimum of carb! I am hoping to loss 3 kg doing this period. I only have 7 weight ins left before going to the state. That means I will have to loss 6.7 kg in just 7 weeks! Oh yeah I am gonna kick ass and do my best!

I am gonna track my food hoping it will help me  realizing what I am eating. 

Breakfast scramble eggs: 1 whole egg - 2 egg whites - 100g ham - 20g cheese - basil and salt.
0.75 liter water

Snack: 0.75 liter water

Lunch tuna salad: 2 Carrots - one can of Tuna - ½ onion - ½ chili - 1 tbsp. Sour cream light.
0.75 liter water

Snack ham and cheese sandwich with out bread: 100g Ham - 30g cheese - basil.
0.75 liter water
Snack: can of coke Zero, Sugar free chocolate bar

Dinner Chicken rice salad: Rice - red pepper - leek - 3 chicken necks - 1 chicken heart - 1 chicken lever - 1 tsp sour cream light - 1 carrot.
0.5 liter water

Snack: 40g peanuts - 1 liter sparkling water


  1. I know you can do it!! I believe in you!!!


  2. Tracking my food has helped me sooooo much! Also focusing on one day at a time seems to be helping also. Good job on keeping the weight gain minimal, it could have been much worse!

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