Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3 of the cabbage sop diet!

I cheated!!!

I am so embarrassed of my self! Yesterday was the 3 day of the soup diet. It was a day full of fruit, vegetable and the SOUP!! But I couldn't stop my self I ate a little bit of Peanuts. (I am telling you it was the best peanuts in my life.) Anyway I felt horrible and had to tell my boyfriend. 

The day was pretty hard to get though I had some melon for breakfast, soup for lunch and dinner + some broccoli. Honestly I am so over that soup. But day 4 will let me eat up to 8 bananas and as much milk I want. I don't like milk, but I am planning to make some shakers ( Milk, ice and banana) which is going to be great! 

I know I can do IT!!!!


  1. Hi Line, I just noticed your new blog. What can I say, I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss :o) I look forward to following your adventure.

    Btw, you need to add a google friend connect to your blog... :o)

  2. Hey what is a google friend? haha I am totally new on this blogging :D

    1. Det er ligesom faste læsere. Du finder den inde under gadgets i layout :o)