Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 2 of the soup cabbage diet

Potato day

Yes I made it to day 2 it wasn't easy. (Everything that is not allowed on the diet is what I really want to eat!)

Today the diet didn't allow any kind of fruit, instead you can eat as much of the soup and vegetable as u want. Plus for dinner I could have a baked potato with a little bit of butter! (I am not telling you that potato was the best in my life!! Not sure if I am just SOOOO tired of that soup or if the potato really was so AMAZING...)

It felt so much easier to get though day 2 even though I really missed my fruit in the morning. I think what really helped today, was the fact that I the whole day was looking forward to eat my baked potato for dinner. I probably didn't eat as much soup as I should have but I did my best!

Not to fall in today was hard. The fridge is full of good stuff that I would love to eat. Luckily i have an amazing boyfriend that keeps me on the right track. It really helps that we are both on the diet as we are eating the same!

I was still a bit dizzy today, but nothing compared to yesterday, just like my headache was gone.(Still missing my Coke Zero though!)
Tomorrow is (hopefully) going to be easier. I will be able to eat both fruit and vegetable!

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