Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cabbage soup

First day of the Cabbage soup diet!

So yesterday I started my cabage soup diet.
It was super easy to make the soup, even though it smelts horrible! I promise later to uploaded the recipe and pictures of the soup. (Nothing impressing though)

The diet is pretty simple, you have to follow it for 7 days and it should give you a good weight loss and clean you inside ;). You have to eat the soup everyday but else it changes between eating fruits, vegetable and meet on the last few day. (I can't wait for a piece of meet)!
So on my first day I could eat as much soup and fruits as I wanted (except bananas). The soup was okay the first time, but after eating it for lunch and dinner I feel like throwing up just knowing that I will be eating it for 6 more day! :) (haha Wish me luck)!

For me the hardest thing about a diet is not being allowed to drink my Coke Zero. Seriously I am a coke abuser. Which gives me so bad headaches when I don't drink it. (or so I think!). Another hard thing is not being able to eat what ever there is in the fridge, (even the healthy things) because this diet only allows you to eat a few specific things. The diet has been a lot harder than I was expecting. (and I am only on day 2!!!!) I am hanging in there and hope to see a good result on Monday. I know I am going to success thanks to my boyfriend he is not letting me quit!

Have a great day everyone!

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