Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back on track!

YEAH I am back under 100kg

It only took me a week over the 100kg! I am back under and I am NEVER getting back over again! Emilio have promised to help me with  it! 
Overall this week was pretty good. Most of my food chooses were good but still space for improvement.
I love ice-cream specially when it is as hot as here in Argentina. So we tried out a diet ice-cream. I am telling you it was so YUMMI!!! I got a vanilla with chocolate and one with pineapple. Now my issues is that I don't know how bad it is to eat it. I mean it is sugar free.. 
BUT what do they then put in it to make it taste good??? 

To the important =)

Start weight 115 kg
Last week 100.6 kg
This week 99.8 kg
This week lost 0.8 kg
Total lost 15.2 kg

I am so happy for my loss! Christmas is getting close BUT I still have 1 weight in before that and with all my motivation I am sure that one will be good!! 

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  1. Congrats on getting under the 100kg mark! Especially with Christmas coming, it'll be hard to stay on track :)