Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where is my motivation?

Is it time to give up? 

No I wont give up but dam ever since Sunday I have just been feeling like giving it all up! 
The disappointment of Sundays gain have hit me really hard. Specially because I was expecting a big loss. Ever since I got back to Denmark I haven't been craving for unhealthy food at all... Oh well this was until Sunday ever since I went on that @£$€"#¤% stupid scale, I haven't been able to stop thinking about PIZZA, ICE CREAM, BURGERS, CHIPS yeah as I would say it, I could just eat everything unhealthy in the world. That is such a hard feeling :( 

Right now I honestly don't know how to get over it. There is so many things going on. I am trying to get mentally ready to leave Denmark, but it seams harder than normally :( That might be the reason for my craving but also for might weight. Though I don't know how stress should effect my weight.

I am doing my best this week and so far it has been going well. Or almost yesterday I hate a Sandwich together with my friend.. I know what you guys must be think but it was a 70% whole grain bread so not the worst thing in the world. Also I have been working out a bit more. Unfortunately my Zumba teacher is sick so that has been canceled :(

There is still 3 days until I will hit the scale again! Hopefully this time it will show something under the 100 kg!


  1. You can do it! It's just been 3 days. It feels like forever because you have made being healthy such a priority in your life, that being "unhealthy" feels so sucky. I got off the bandwagon for about 1/2 a week a while back, and I felt so unhappy about it. Just know you'll be back on it! You can make the turn around!

  2. Hey!

    You have accomplished so much this time you've been gone that I think it would be stupid to punish yourself for this minor thing. I know we all like to make goals and rock them but that doesn't mean that if you don't make it you suck. You lost more than 6 kilos in Denmark. You had to deal with gatherings with everyone and what do people do when they gather!?? They eat, they talk and they eat some more. But nevertheless you pulled it off, exercised and sticked to your plan. I'm very proud of you!



    1. Exactly I pulled it of! I didn't eat unhealthy even once but still didn't loss even close to what I was hopeing :S