Sunday, October 21, 2012

Broken scale!!

So disappointed!!

I have been eating healthy the whole week to make sure I would get under the 100 kg. A goal that is really important for me. Doing the week I was cheating a bit and went on the scale, but to my big surprise didn't it go in the right direction. Wednesday scale said 100.9kg which freaked me out. So I skipped absolutely everything that isn't 100 % okay for the last few days! 

It was therefore with a lot of anxiety that i this morning went on the scale. It said 100kg! I was quite happy but just to make sure it was true I decided to go on right away again. This time (5 seconds after the first time) it said 100.4kg ?! Like what the fuck??!!! Okay one more time on the scale to see what I actually weight. But it said 100.4 kg again! It means a gain of 200g / 0,4lbs. It isn't a lot but I have to admit I am really sad about it. I was so ready to see that scale show 99,9kg :)  I have the idea that something is wrong with my scale it shouldn't be possible to show me 2 different numbers in the same minute. So yeah I am not going to trust that scale anymore. 

I am going to keep up with my diet just like this week because I did eat healthy!! I know normally people would say, that I just didn't do it good enough when I gained. Honestly I don't believe this is a real gain I believe it is just a bad week and next week will be a hell better. Next week I will be adding a lot of exercise as well. It is going to be my last week in Denmark which is really sad but hey I will be back again! 

Next weeks weight in will be Saturday. I know this is illegal Emilio but as my flight is going VERY EARLY Sunday morning I wont be able to do it Sunday! =) 


  1. Hey honey sorry to hear about your gain :S Though you are doing great you shouldn't be worrying about this kind of things.

    You know how I'm a little bit strict about going on the scale once a week at the same moment of the week (e.g. Sunday mornings before breakfast) that's why I think you should stop going on the scale 10 times a week!!!! Haha. If I was you I wouldn't weight this Saturday, instead I'd just skip a week of my weight in.

    One thing you should be careful about is how you distribute your body when you go on the scale. You should always be on the same position!

    Ttyl xx


    1. I am going on the scale Saturday! :D I have to accomplish my goal for being home so I have to be under 100 kg before I leave!! :D

      I did stand in the exactly same position as before. My scale here has footstep printed on it so you can see where to stand! :D

  2. I like the way you word things, I always laugh when I read your posts

  3. I think that over time scales do become less reliable (at the moment my home scale gives two different weights that are roughly 10lbs apart - eek!) so I use a digital one in a local store to make sure it's consistent. I agree with Emilio too; checking the scale a lot will result in a lot of different results, so be careful :)