Friday, October 5, 2012

Haven't worked out :(

I missed my work out both Wednesday and Thursday. 

Unfortunately I had to stop during my workout Wednesday, as I suddenly felt dizzy and had to throw up! It wasn't because my work out was too hard, it was just time for my body to get sick. I was actually waiting for it  to happen, as a lot of the kids and colleges at the kindergarten has been sick lately. 

Anyway because of my sickness I have been laying under my blanket for the past 3 days. Which SUCKS!!! I really want to work out, so I can loss those kg!! 

Hopefully I will be ready soon, so I can get back to my work out routine. 

Time is flying so fast that I can't believe it. 2 days left and I will have to face the scale again! I am hoping for something good, but with out any work outs and with a REALLY unhealthy fried bacon dinner Wednesday then honestly I feel scared! 

I really have to keep my mind on this journey! There is just 4 weights in left before I am leaving Denmark to go back to Emilio.
I miss Emilio a lot and can't wait to see him again! BUT at the same time it starts stressing me out, knowing that I have to say goodbye to all my friends and my lovely family. :( 

I will never get use to say goodbye! Airports is both my favorite place but ALSO my biggest fear. :)
Take care I will be back Sunday to let you know about my weight in!


  1. Hope you feel better soon!! don't stress about not working out when sick. You need rest. Kick butt when you feel better. :)