Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Time to for a new start!

I am back, this time I will stay!

Honestly the past 10 months hasn't been pretty... >( I ended up gaining all the weight I so happily had lost! 
You might wonder what went wrong, and I honestly owe you an answer but the true is that I am not really sure. I was back home in Denmark from February to August. I had a blast being home, but I was working A LOT.. Most weeks I would be working around 60 hours! I love to work so in that sens it wasn't bad at all.. But it made my food chooses horrible.. Doing my working shift at Bilka I would eat pizza, burger and other really crappy food.. (Though they taste SOOOOOO good)!!! haha.. 
My other work was an internship at a home where people with intellectual or developmental disability lives. I truly LOVED my work there!! Unfortunately we ate way to much delicious cake, desserts and other unhealthy stuff.. One of the amazing girls who lived there loved to bring me hot chocolate every night and how should I resist that! :) On the good side we mostly cooked their food, but the food they wished for wasn't the healthy stuff.. Rather really fatty food! 

Yeap so all these horrible food chooses made me gain 10kg and then I already gained 5 kg from November to February in Argentina! 

It is time to get back on track! I always dreams about getting a beautiful baby, but I know that with my size it won't be healthy to get pregnant. Just as well as it can get complicated even to get pregnant at my 115kg. This gives me a huge motivation to loss weight! As a matter of fact I started on the Paleo diet Saturday the.14th of September! The scale sadly showed the number: 115kg!! So far it has been going really well! I lost 900 grams the first week and hoping it will keep going in that direction! First goal is to be under 100 kg in April! 

With the support of my amazing boyfriend I know I will hit that goal!

I will try to get back on blogging a lot of the amazing food we are eating! One thing is for sure, I will lose weight by eating REALLY yummi food!

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