Sunday, May 5, 2013

Long time to see

Life goes up and down!

Looking back on the past 6 months I have been taking a huge step backward in life! Nothing to be proud about but the truth is that I have gained not just a little but a lot. Month by month.... It is with tears in my eyes that I this morning realized that I not just gained 5kg but a total of 12 kg!!!


I have asked myself what went wrong. Honestly I am still not sure. I was feeling so much better in every single way but still let myself go and just kept gaining. 
It is time to stop looking back. Not to forget but to move forward and learn from my mistakes. Trying to find the reason isn't gonna make me loss weight again. 

Lets start over! I have lost the kg before and I can for sure do it again. 

I had a test made a month ago that showed me that my body age was 29 years old. Saying what???? 
My birth ages is 22 years old, but because of way I have been treating my body it is in the shape of me being 7 years older!.... Crazy!!!! 

Time to do something about it... Little by little.... First step is gonna be cutting down on my food again and incorporate more exercise. As said as done! Today I walked around 6km. :)

I am back ready get under those 100kg again! 

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